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History of Cloud Computing

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Before emerging the cloud computing, there was Client/Server computing which is basically a centralized storage in which all the software applications, all the data and all the controls are resided on the server side.

If a single user wants to access specific data or run a program, he/she need to connect to the server and then gain appropriate access, and then he/she can do his/her business.

Then after, distributed computing came into picture, where all the computers are networked together and share their resources when needed.

On the basis of above computing, there was emerged of cloud computing concepts that later implemented.

At around in 1961, John MacCharty suggested in a speech at MIT that computing can be sold like a utility, just like a water or electricity. It was a brilliant idea, but like all brilliant ideas, it was ahead if its time, as for the next few decades, despite interest in the model, the technology simply was not ready for it.

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Managed IT is not the future of the cloud

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